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This will probably be a rant but I have to say something I keep thinking about Rydellington these couple of weeks.

So I’m big Rydellington shipper not just because they are cute but because you can see they really love and care about each other. What keep  bothering me is people saying they are annoying and doing it for publicity just because they won’t confirm it. Let me tell you Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama are dating for more than 2 years and they NEVER confirmed it! People know they are together you have pics of them kissing, holding hands, her calling him “my love” and all these couple stuff but they never said “WE ARE DATING”. And they don’t have to just like Rydellington. It’s their right to keep it a secret. Whole R5 is so open with us about their personal lives but some things they maybe want to keep a secret even tho we know the truth.

Lastly I’m VERY happy for them because Rydel waited so long for her first boyfriend and kiss and she finally got it both and you can see Ell really really cares for her and vice versa. So good luck to both and I hope they stay together for a long time. <3 <3


rydel and Ratliff probably aren’t confirming their ‘relationship’ because what if they break up? I mean as in, what if we stop seeing rydellington then everyone would notice something’s a little different between them, but we wouldn’t say, ‘why did you guys break up?’ because they never confirmed it. If they ever do confirm (if they are), then most of the shippers will be going crazy and then asking so many questions and that could ruin their friendship y’know.

I love you for saying that! That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking!

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